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  • 23 November 2022
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Hi all,


I’ve tried many ticketing systems but I finally found my way to FreshDesk. I am building my own support portal for my product which uses the FreshDesk API to use its functionalities. 

The portal primarily focuses on creation, retrieving and updating tickets. But I also want my users to be able to reply. Now I am getting the error that I cannot use my admin API key to reply on behalf of a user as I am using an app-only way of implementation.


I understand that I would need the assumption feature, which is only included from the Pro package on forward. I must say; that’s a big step for a pretty small company which is just starting up. I have to say I was a little disappointed seeing this simple and fairly common user delegation being limited by a plan… I am using the Growth plan.


Now, I can just reply as the admin’s account (from which I am using the API Key). But now the user will still receive an email that the admin has replied to their ticket (which is not true). How can I disable this email feature? I cannot find it under email notification settings… 


Any ideas or help is welcome, thanks in advance!

I see there are more users who don’t want reply emails either

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