Freshdesk Search does not show all tickets

  • 2 November 2021
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Hi there,

we have a problem with Freshdesk. Unfortunately, when we search for an email address, not all tickets are displayed. The open ticket does not appear in the search. No filters are set. When I open one of the closed tickets, the new ticket is displayed on the right in the timeline. Does anyone know why this is?

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2 replies

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Hello @CarportwerkD,


The Search functionality in Freshdesk works in such a way every time you enter a search query, Freshdesk will search across tickets, solution articles, forum posts, and customers (contacts and companies), and in the following items within the broader categories:

  • Tickets - subject lines, descriptions, notes, replies, ticket fields, tags, attachment names
  • Contacts/companies - names, emails, phone numbers, contact fields
  • Solution articles - Titles, descriptions, tags, attachment names
  • Forums - Titles, posts

Refer to the article link to get detailed insights on the same:

Please make sure all the search preference options are toggled on as in the screenshot below. Try searching for tickets and email addresses post enabling all the options and check the right sections for the results.


Search Preferences



Hello @hemanth.ramya,


Thank you for your answer.

Yes, the filters are all activated. The problem is that when I look for the ticket with the email address it doesn't appear. If I enter the name of the contact person, the ticket is there. But the ticket comes from the same person with the same email. Why is this not shown in the search?


Kind regards