Freshplug to display customer orders in WooCommerce store


Has anyone seen or done already integration to Wordpress WooCommerce where the customer orders are displayed with Freshplug for agent when handling the ticket?

This could be quite similar with Pipedrive integration "look a like" where customers data (orders in this case) are retrieved as a table with Freshplug.

I tried to google this without any succeed. Existing WooCommerce Freshdesk integration does not seems to be able to do this kind feature - it's acting like more vice versa as it is now and providers like Zapier only add's private or public notes to the ticket when some trigger's happens. 

WBR Kim Hiekkanen

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Hi Kim, 

Please find the WooCommerce Freshplug in the link below.

The Freshplug will pull in the contact details and order details as shown in the image below.

Hi Arjun!

First of all, thank you!

I'm pretty new with this WooCommerce kind stuff and I got to ask for more detailed information:

I have managed to set up REST API under my store's settings and put the keys inside the code you sent.

- What's the URL I supposed to call? I mean, is it just the URL of my store like 

- Permalinks -> What type of permalink I should use for this?

I don't have https enabled so it's "false".

Now only what I do receive is following:  "/No WooCommerce Data" and after some changes "oath_autkey_missing". 

Please give some more advanced info! 

Thank you forehand for your help with this!



Did I understand right from the code abowe that plugin is only for HTTPS enabled stores? 

How about if I'm using only HTTP - how does the authentication works then? 

Now what I get is following when retrieving data: 

"oauth_consumer_key" parameter is missing. 

What I understood (from google) is now about the authentication (oauth), right? Or am I doing something wrong with this code?

Please help - any kind help is very welcome. :) 

Thank you!



Hi Kim, 

The Freshplug should work irrespective of the SSL setting. However there needs to be small change in the code. 

Please find the comment in the code block.

var woocombundle = { 
    domain:'',                           //Edit the URL as per the customer's account
    ssl_enabled: false,												//If the URL is Non-SSL 
    auth_type : "Basic", 
    username: 'ck_6c138b20d713e6d4755e3c04f675ddf1',                                        //WooCommerce Consumer_key
    password: 'cs_fbc746e4060c4dce64577c5434b4701d'                                         //WooCommerce Consumer_secret


Also the only set up required is to modify the username and password in the above bundle with your accounts settings. For generating the API key, please view the article in the link below.

The URL will also be based on your account URL so if the URL is, then the value for the domain on the above bundle should also be the same.

Hi Arjun! 

Thank you for your fast reply.

Yes, I do have API enabled in WooCommerce store + username / password double checked in code. 

What I did: Even when I have store at "", I did change the url parameter in code from http to https and ssl_enabled parameter is now set to be false. Now I don't face that oauth failure message anymore but what I do get is next: 

/No WooCommerce Data 

I'm 100% sure that I have a customer in the store with email (requester) who has orders (with different delivering status). 

What could be the next step?

Thank you for your help in this! 


Kim Hiekkanen

Hi Kim, 

Not sure on why the issue is. 

I do realise that Woocommerce's API has been bumped up to v3 however their documentation states that Basic Authentication is supported so it must be some configuration setting that we are missing. 

I am not entirely sure on how to fix this, however on searching I did find the link below.

Please let me know if it helps.


I had a short discussion with one Wordpress developer and he couldn't verify that this Freshplug code uses correct authentication and reason is http (without s) and Oauth 1.0a - authentication.

I understood that Basic Auth method works only with httpS - and if you're using http you need to use OAuth 1.0a.

Can you please check the code from your side or/and update it to support OAuth 1.0a and http? 



Hi Kim, 

I most certainly will try to look into this and help you out. 

Please give me a 3-4 days to check this use case and get back to you. 

Hope that is okay.

Hi Arjun! Thank you so much for helping with this, I shall wait for your response! :) WBR Kim

Hi Arjun! 

Any news regarding this integration? 

WBR Kim H.

Hi Arjun, 

Can you please give some details how it's going with this? :)

Thank you! 


Kim H.

Apologies for the delay, Kim.

Freshplugs currently do not support OAuth type authentication so any application that uses this type of authentication cannot be implemented as a plug. 

Now, even though the document for woocommerce states that they support Basic Authentication, any postman call or rest call I try shows the error that the oauth key is missing. 

I am checking if there are any other alternatives.

Thank you Please keep me in the loop, I have my hope on you  Kim


we would be VERY interested by this too !! Any news ??

We are not HTTPS either

And we have one more question : we are currently managing three different domains in our Freshdek. How can we check orders on all 3 sites and match it with the sender e-mail ?



I'm waiting for this also. I certainly appreciate all you've done to try and make this work for Freshdesk users. I have the plug setup and, of course, get the same oauth message. Any word on a fix for this yet?

Hi Freshdesk!

Any updates on this, when this could be fixed?

WBR // Kim

 Would love this to work. Any updates?

Does not work with https either.


This worked great for me for about a month. I even changed some things to compact the data displayed. But then all of a sudden it stopped working. From the chrome console, it's showing some 404 and 403 errors now. Not sure yet what changed. 

Would pay someone to get this working.


I'm thinking the same thing.

I'm either going to figure it out or hire someone to do it. 

But, I have also been waiting because the new Woocommerce version is changed their API to use the Wordpress API instead of their own API. Currently this uses the old Woo API (which will still work but I'd love to have it also updated so it'll work for a longer time). 

Will help pay for development if oyu find someone to build it.


i was trying to see how i can send you a private message, but it doesn't look like that's supported. 

Okay, it works for me again. The issue was on FreshDesk's side and their dev team fixed it. So now this works for me. I do have an SSL for my website. 

What is the exact code you are using for it to work?