Freshplugs in Customer-View

  • 11 December 2012
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Is there a way to add something like Freshplugs for the Customer View?
Right now Freshplugs appear only in the Agent-View.

For example, if I'd like to have a small 'Buy me a Beer' sort of Donate button - is that possible somehow currently?

Thanks in advance.

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11 replies

Not possible to use Freshplugs, but our Portal Customization will allow you to add any script/widget/links/banners on the End User portal.

Just going through some testing phase :)

Thats great news. Hope to see it go live soon.

You guys rock!!!


may i know when it is possible to do portal customization? i also need this feature

Hi Andi

As we speak the release plans are going on

This weekend :)



cant wait for this cool feature actually :)

anyway i just try to login, there is option customize portal >   -- > its that you mean?

if yes may i know documentation / user guide for this?

It's a great new feature, but it doesn't seem to work for now. I don't see any changes to custom stylesheets or templates I've made.


Hey Guys,

Please check this section

Well, Themes are in Dev mode now, so we will be adding themes to the gallery soon, but you can contribute here :)



may i know the minimum subscription to do portal customization -> edit freshtheme?

Hi Andri

In the Sprout and Blossom plans you can customize all the colors and fonts.

Full CSS Customization is allowed on the Garden and Estate plan.

Advanced Layout customization and individual page by page customization is available on the Estate plan. 

Hope this is clear.

Any customization, even fonts and colors is not saved in our case. Is it because we're still using trial version?


I actually need to have custom info displayed on the customer ticket view. If not with a FreshPlug, then at least the ability to edit the ticket view template and let jQuery do the rest. Any suggestion to achieve this, or plans about upcoming feature?