Freshsales - SDK API Lead/Contact Details Object?

  • 9 January 2019
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I'm trying to call out to an external API to return some details about a contact/lead into freshsales from within the freshsales app SDK

When I fire some event
like:"lead").then (); I see that the leadID for
the current lead is returned; however I need to grab some other data from
the lead (phone number, email, name) to be able to correlate it with a
value on premise.

Is there a simple/easy way to grab additional data about the lead, or do i have to call out to the freshsales API pass in the lead ID, grab the data i need, then call out to my API?


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1 reply

Hi Dan!

I have replied to your ticket personally with the information.

To summarize the response for the benefit of others:

1. I have checked this with my dev team. If this is the current experience, we will work on fixing it.

2. An easy way to grab more lead info - At this point in time, you would have to use the Freshsales API to get more information about the lead.