How are YOU using Freshdesk?

  • 17 August 2021
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We all use Freshdesk Support Desk in our own *peculiar* ways sometimes. What are some ways, or some tips or tricks that you are using Freshdesk Support Desk that could help someone out?



2 replies

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I think this would be a great thread to follow.  In other software that is customizable we have an online community where they let you share the “best practices” and organizations love to show how they have set up pages to streamline their everyday.  They include pictures and write-ups.  I would love to see how others have set up their Freshdesk within their organization.  

I know we are only just at the beginning of using it, but have built out the Employee On / Off Boarding piece where HR can select what role the new hire is going to, and it will populate what programs they will need to be added to.  Then there is a Service Catalog item I set up for them just for User Changes that uses a Dynamic drop down and auto selects what fields they will need to fill in based on what they select (User Promotion, User Name Change, User Termination, etc).

I’d really like to customize the Service Catalog based on group.  Depending on what the user’s group is, would depend on what would appear.  It should be as simple as selecting for each group, not special code.  Let’s make it simple, not complicated.  

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@freshcsmmatt great question.

I remember when Freshservice was born from customers using Freshdesk for IT. It makes you wonder whether Freshdesk is more suited for what IT calls “enterprise service management” than Freshservice given the “non-IT nature” of its capabilities.