How do I reference custom fields when using View list of Users

  • 24 June 2015
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I'm successfully grabbing the users that I want using the "View list of Users" call and passing in a urlencoded "query=customer_id is 5000XXXXX" as an option to userlist.php.

I want to also add a filter on top of that that also limits it to users where cf_blah_blah_blah is True.  I've tried various things with no luck and it seems to just ignore everything beyond the initial condition of the customer_id.

I've used custom fields before with other API projects I did but they were json.  This is free text query and I'm not sure how to reference the custom field.

Any insight appreciated!

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1 reply

Hello Tim,

We currently do not have an API to filter users based on custom fields. I will take this as a feature request and update this topic when we take it up.