How emails are « sorted » into tickets

  • 18 June 2021
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I have this problem : we get some automatic emails from « discussions » outside Freshdesk and I would like the emails linked to the same topic to be grouped in the same ticket.

All the emails of a topic have the same subject and all the emails for those discussions come from the same contact.

In gmail, these are grouped.

In Freshdesk, I get a new ticket for each new message, forcing me to spend some time every week to merge them.


Is there something we can do to make sure these messages don’t create new tickets all the time ? Either in Freshdesk or in our automatic emails settings ?


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Hello @JulianeB,


We currently do not append ticket responses based on the subject of the tickets. As per the product behavior, Freshdesk looks for the following three markers in every incoming email. For an email to be threaded to a ticket, it has to pass one of the following checks:

Ticket ID (if enabled) 
Unique Identifier

After the ticket is identified as a reply, the requester email should be one of the following for it to be threaded to a ticket:

  • The requester email address of the ticket
  • The agent email address of the ticket
  • Email address(es) in the CC of the ticket
  • Email address(es) to which the ticket was forwarded

Hence, unless an email satisfies one of the email markers check and the sender email checks, it will be created as a new ticket in your helpdesk. 

However, if multiple responses are received from the same requestor within a short time span, you can try the “Auto ticket merger” app which automatically merges the incoming tickets to the primary one based on the ticket requestor. Please refer to this link for more details:

You can also check out the “AutoMerge” app for your requirements:



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