How to check whether a given ticket is new via the API

  • 27 December 2013
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Hello there,

I have the following scenario - I sent a ticket to a customer. The customer responses to the email. When I get all the tickets via the API, I want to know which ticket contains a new response from a customer. Something like a "isRead" property. I created a custom field, but I don't know how to update it via the API. There is nothing about that in the documentation.



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1 reply

Hey Nikolay

I'd suggest 2 steps here.

1. Create Custom Fields - Customer Responded - Dropdown option - Yes/No

2. Create another Observer rule - Whenever a Customer Replies to the Ticket, have the Observer to set this field as Yes. You may create another rule - Agent Replied, so whenever an Agent replies, you may have Observer set this rule as No.

Use the API to fetch tickets with the Yes value and you may view those tickets accordingly.

Maybe this screenr can help, although it is for setting a Custom Field via API, but you can use the GET value to view all Tickets with this Yes value

Thanks and regards