How to index my support portal with Google?

  • 11 January 2017
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I'm curious how others are indexing their support portal with Google? Freshdesk tells me there is no sitemaps available. So how do I go about making sure Google is indexing my support articles and forum community in Search Console? 

I know I can manually add the subdomain to my primary sitemap, which isn't bad, but then wouldn't I have to manually list all the pages and manually continually update it? 

What are others doing to make sure these are being indexed?

Thanks in advance! 

The request is that Freshdesk should add sitemaps to the portals. 

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3 replies

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We've recently added sitemap feature to Freshdesk. The sitemap gets automatically generated for every account and it can be obtained in XML format here : http://<your_domain> The sitemap gets updated once in every week (Sunday). You can read more information about the feature here.


But this is only for the paid plans and it's really a feature that you should enable to everyone.

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@Antonis, The site map gets generated for every account but the option to pro-actively submit the sitemap for indexing is available only from the Estate plan. Your portal content will be crawled by search engines irrespective of the plan.