How to the add custom fields to the Customer records ?.

  • 15 August 2021
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My question is pretty simple. All I want to do is add new / required fields to Customer records, the same way that FD allows you to add custom fields to Tickets. We run a helpdesk for customers using financial analysis software, and we need a field for their Accounting Software for each Customer or each Company.


Is there a way to do this within Freshdesk or does this comprise a feature request?





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Hi @jackyjoy123 ,

Freshdesk provides you options to create your own custom fields in your customer contact forms and get the details collected from your contacts through these fields. You can also choose to have these custom fields visible and/or editable to your agents and customers.

Navigate to Admin>Customer fields, drag and drop any field type you want to the contact form and customize your contact and company fields as per your requirement. 

Hope this helps!

Happy Freshdesking :)