Incoming email - support for REPLY-TO address

  • 5 May 2016
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My website CMS prefers to send new support forms with the FROM address linked to our domain (to avoid header spoofing), and to put the submitter's email as REPLY-TO.

But the REPLY-TO seems not to be captured by Freshdesk (correct me if I am wrong) and the result is all incoming support requests look to be fro ourselves.

Clearly I don't want to have to modify each new ticket to change the requester.

Does / can Freshdesk make use of REPLY-TO ?  As default or through some configurable option in Admin

Thank you 

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Hello Tim,

Sorry for the delay in responding back to this awesome post. It is definitely possible to create tickets based on the Reply-TO email address in the mail header instead of the FROM value. You can enable the option "Use Reply-TO email address to create requester contacts" under Admin -> Email section to achieve this.