Incoming emails get cropped by smiley in text

  • 19 December 2017
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When reciving emails in freshdesk containing smileyface 🙂, the email are getting cropped. All text after smileyface are gone in ticket in fresdesk.

Screenshot showing mail sent with smiley:


Screenshot showing incoming mail with smiley:



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8 replies

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Hello Kenneth,

Can you please test out by sending an email with smileys now? We've enabled a feature that would parse the smiley so that the text following the smiley doesn't get missed.


I experienced the same thing in a customers account the other day.

Shouldn't this be considered a bug and the fix should be rolled out in all accounts?

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Hello Marcus,

The fix is in progress and it will be rolled out to all accounts soon.As of now, the fix has been deployed in one of our PODs.


Hi Aravind

I have tested your fix. Confirmed ok now.

Smileyface swapped with text Hi :blush: and all text after smiley ok

Cheers :)

I have the same problem on my account. Received a cropped e-mail today.


I also have the same problem in our account. When will de fix be rolled out to us?

We have this problem as well.


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Please drop us an email on support(at)freshdesk(dot)com to troubleshoot this case further.