Losing points for polite customers

If you have the arcade enabled in Freshdesk, you get points for resolving a ticket in the initial response (Sharpshooter).  However, if the customer replies with a simple "thanks", you lose those points because the ticket is then re-resolved after the second response.

This seems a little unfair, no?

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In addition, difficult or complex tickets may require lots of responses for customers who just keep coming back with more questions.  I think it would be better to allocate 1 point per reply.  That way, if you do a lot of work (say 10 replies on a ticket), you'll earn more points than a simple query that just required one response.

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Hey Campbell,

Thank you for raising this issue in our Forums. 

The first issue you have mentioned is indeed very valid and a little unfair as well. We are currently working on a feature that can be used to address it. So let me tell you, once this feature is out, you can prevent the ticket from reopening if the user replies with specific words like 'thanks', etc. 

But giving points per reply will make the agents to extend the conversation, don't you think ?:D So that is not something we are planning on right now. 

Do share your thoughts on this.



The prevent ticket reopening feature should be useful, although I would think there will be cases when it doesn't work, for example, when a user replies to a forced resolved ticket by asking a new question that then needs a valid response, or where the agent is mistaken that their solution resolves the issue.

However, I don't agree that agents would deliberately extend conversations just for points, as this inevitably creates more work for the agent, for not much gain.  But even if they do, I think that would be providing a slightly better service than abrupt single responses, and that is probably something that should be encouraged.

PS.  Any chance that you could add a link back here into the email sent out when a reply is added to these threads?  It's a pain to have to manually find the thread again.

Eu não sabia que esse recurso eu achei muito interessante e acho que pode resolver o problema, em parte,.