Missing Images

  • 8 November 2018
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Post body images are missing in older ticket responses. They were pasted inline into the responses and are now gone. They seem to disappear after some time not sure when that period of time is. Anyone else experience this. Huge issue for us we have been documenting things using the images all of that information is now useless.  These blank boxes in my screenshot are all we see now 


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2 replies

just today I received a customer ticket with obvious boxes containing blank images, no attachments as well.

I had to ask the user to attach the images again ... quite embarrassing :(

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Hello Joshua,

Sorry for the late reaction on this. I immediately looked upon a few tickets and we haven't seen any of our users reporting this before. Are you still facing the issue on any of your older tickets or was it a temporary glitch? Please let us know and we can work together to get this fixed.