Need help to bulk delete the 11,000 Russian SPAM in our account

  • 5 June 2019
  • 8 replies

Please help to bulk delete the Russian spam email in our account

8 replies

@alex did you ever get this resolved. I have closer to 100,000 such Tickets myself.

Hi James, It was resolved, but in a rather cumbersome way. I did three things:

1) Set up a Dispatch'r rule to automatically mark tickets with Russian characters as Spam - see here -

2) Setup the captcha

3) Went through manually deleted the spam tickets 30 at a time, trying to basically do 1000 deletes a day, it took me 11 days, of course you could use fiverr or upwork to outsource this part, as 100,000 tickets will take quite a while!

So not a great solution considering, but the freshdesk support does not seem to have a way to help with this issue.

I have not had another problem since these updates, so make sure to implement those dispatch'r rules first, before going about deleting the tickets.

Good luck!

It's disappointing to see this still happening. We've been dumped with 4000+ russian spam tickets today also!

Not impressed.

Same here. Still getting this rubbish and Freshdesk are doing nothing to sort it out. Awful support.

Bulk delete should be common admin feature in any CRM? It is disappointing. I want to delete the 3,000 deleted crap contacts in FD but when using Select All the only option is Restore. There should be a Restore and Delete option.

32,000 russian spam contacts, and I have to delete them 30 at a time?
Completely unacceptable.
Looking for other ticketing systems.

I have 3500+ tickets and need to either 1) search for the spam (e.g. content containing "drug") and then mass delete the found tickets or 2) create a rule that I can RUN on my tickets. 

It seems the rule to detect Russian characters only works on NEW tickets. How to clean up the ones I already have in there?

This is killing my business as I have legit tickets amongst these that I can barely find. Help!


At present, the ticket list page renders only 30 tickets at a time. We allow selecting only 30 at a time and not all of the tickets in a saved ticket view (say 100s or 1000s of tickets) keeping in mind that it is a backend job and any error would be hard to reverse on such a large number of tickets.

You could write to us at with the approximate number of tickets and also an export file of the ticket list (with the ticket IDs) which you would like to act upon and we do take up such custom requests upon validation.