No activation emails sent to my agents

  • 14 November 2018
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it seems like there is no email sent out neither to contacts nor to my agents to activate their account and be able to login. The agents have different email providers (gmail, company mail server, etc.) and therefore it can't be a blocking/whitelist problem. 

Is there a problemn in the backend? Until this is solved I can not use the product at all.

Thank you very much for your help,


6 replies

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Hello Talmi,

We have an auto-spam detection service that blocks certain emails from being sent unless the account is verified. I believe you were able to get through the verification process with the help of our support team. If there's anything else, please let us know.


I also have this same issue. My email can be verified. I wrote to support and still nothing. 

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@John I've just responded back to you on the ticket. Please check and let us know if you're still facing issues with the emails.


It is working now since some time. Not sure what was wrong but the support team made it work.


Hey I have the same issue. The agents did not get the activation email, so they can't log in or use their accounts

Hi Favour,

Are you still facing issues with your agents not receiving the Agent activation email? If yes, please write to and one of support engineers will have the issue resolved for you.

Can you confirm if the email is not in the spam folder of your mailbox?