not receiving notifications in the notifications center

  • 16 November 2018
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Hi everyone,

I'm a new user and created an account as a solo agent.

I'm looking for a way to get notifications in the notifications center on the web page. I don't mean the desktop notifications (that aren't working either so I've disabled it) to get stuff in the little popup that appears when we click on the bell icon on the top right of the page. A number of notifications would be great too.

Currently I get nothing even if all the filters are green (which means selected right ?) even though people are responding or creating new tickets. I even made a Dispatch'r to make sure every made ticket are assigned to me. 
And, even the android app doesn't send any push notification (all the filters are selected too).

Any idea ? Thanks a lot !


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3 replies

Don't understand why this isn't working. As far as I can see it is in all plans. I don't use the notifications on the web page, but I rely on them working in the app. In the screenprint my settings (I could not get it in French). The bottom one on the list (New Ticket created) creates the notification when a new ticket arrives (and is not yet assigned). 

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@Max The 'Notification center' is available from the Blossom plan in Freshdesk and a quick research on your account showed that you've currently subscribed to the free Sprout version. I'm sorry that it is currently not available in the Sprout plan.


Thank you @aravind