Opening new tickets to tabs in freshdesk and where to remove "source" from tickets

  • 25 April 2022
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I’m testing Freshdesk and wondering some things. Here are 2 questions:

How can I open tickets to tabs in the freshdesk, like in zendesk?

When I’m making ticket in freshdesk it says the source is phone, how can I change or remove that?

3 replies


And third question. There is “new email” and “new ticket” buttons, Why, can i remove another on those. 

When I’m making ticket, ofcourse I want it to be sended to customer.


And fourth question:

When answerin to ticket, is it possible to have the answering form allready opened? Now I have to click “Reply” and then the reply form opens.

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Hi Zam,

Welcome to Freshworks Community :)

Unfortunately, you cannot open tickets in tabs. Our UI does not allow users to do that at the moment. When you create a new ticket by clicking on +New Ticket, the UI will interpret that the customer had reached out to you via other sources, which in this case can only be “phone”. You cannot modify the source of a ticket as it would affect the integrity of the data.

+ New Ticket option can be used by the agents to create a new ticket on behalf of the requester, ideally after a phone call. . Also, on this page, you will be able to add a new contact. The 'Create another' option will open another new ticket page with the same properties as the previous ticket you just raised, whereas, + New Email option can be used by agents to send outbound emails to customers from Freshdesk, for any intimation. This email will also be converted into a ticket. Here, you will not have an option to add a contact like the one available in the new ticket page. The 'Send another' option will open another new email page with the same properties as the previous email you just sent.


If you would like to create a ticket on behalf of the customer then you can use the 'New Ticket' option and if you would like to send an outbound email to one of your customers then you can use the 'New Email' option.

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Good day!