Our portal is offline due to SSL certificate issues on Freshdesks end

  • 21 December 2018
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Hi There,

For almost a week our customer knowledge database is offline due to certificate issues. We payed (auto-renewal) and on our end everything is fine. Freshdesk is very unresponsive in this matter so we are considering taking our business elsewhere. Anyone else also experiencing issues like this?

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2 replies

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Hello Roos,

It's so unfortunate that the portal was marked unsafe because of the certificate failure. We're investigating onto why the cert wasn't renewed automatically. Also, it's not great either to have you waiting for 5 days to get this resolved. We'll look into this further and take necessary action to prevent this from occurring again. Our sincere apologies for the inconvenience. 


We are currently experiencing this same issue. We've been FreshDesk subscribers for nearly a year and the SSL certificate (for vanity URL) has been working fine until a few days ago where it suddenly wasn't. 

The information I've received thus far from FreshDesk support is vague and my requests for clarification are met with silence, other than a daily "thank you for your patience" message. With the premium we pay for our Estate plan, this low level of service is extremely frustrating.