Pending status translation to dutch is incorrect

  • 11 July 2022
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Hi, I just copy a request from another person because it is exactly the same issue that I am facing and this really needs to be changed because this wrong translation is confusing for our agents 


We frequently experience issues with our agents that assign the wrong status to a ticket.

In english it says "Pending", meaning that the agent is waiting on input from the user. Dutch translation according to Freshservice is "In behandeling", translated to english this means "in progress" or "please hold, i'm working on your ticket".

These are 2 completely different statusses.

Pending is translated by google translate to "In afwachting van". The translation we made for our customers is "In afwachting van uw antwoord". Translated freely this means "awaiting your reply".

So is it possible to change the translation of Pending in Dutch towards “In afwachting”?



3 replies

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Hoi Koen,


bij mij staat het allemaal in nederlands sinds de laatste update..


Groet Maikel


Hoi Koen,


bij mij staat het allemaal in nederlands sinds de laatste update..


Groet Maikel


Hoi Maikel,

Wat bedoel je daarmee? Mijn probleem is gewoon dat de status ‘Pending’ in het Nederlands op freshdesk wordt vertaald als “In behandeling”.. Wat onjuist is..

Want Pending = In afwachting (van antwoord klant)

In behandeling = In progress >> Als ik deze status zo zie dan lijkt het alsof ik als agent de volgende actie moet doen, terwijl ik juist op een antwoord wacht van de klant..


Dus Pending zou in het Nederlands ‘In afwachting’ moeten zijn..

Of hoe ga jij hiermee aan de slag? Dit moet bij jou toch voor problemen moeten zorgen met deze onjuiste vertaling?



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Hi Koen,  


The original intention of usage of the status PENDING is not to wait for an update from customers but from Agents. If you would like to wait until customer gets back to you, you can make use of Awaiting Customer response or Awaiting third party or any other custom statuses which are available in Freshdesk. But PENDING would be used internally when Agent needs to reply to the customer later and meanwhile they can put the status as PENDING while they do their work. 


So the translation here would mean that the action is pending from Agent's side and not from customer's side.


Previously, we have had an issue a few days ago that, this got changed to 'wachten op reactie' which is incorrect (it means waiting for response and customers already have custom statuses for this). This was wrong and later it got corrected to "In behandeling". The changes are implemented after taking a lot of feedbacks we received from our customers.


If you would like to show a different status to the customer when it is is PENDING, you can use the translations in that case, so that customers will be shown the translated word that you have entered there. 


Thanks and have a great day!