Pending status translation to dutch is incorrect

  • 11 July 2022
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Hi, I just copy a request from another person because it is exactly the same issue that I am facing and this really needs to be changed because this wrong translation is confusing for our agents 


We frequently experience issues with our agents that assign the wrong status to a ticket.

In english it says "Pending", meaning that the agent is waiting on input from the user. Dutch translation according to Freshservice is "In behandeling", translated to english this means "in progress" or "please hold, i'm working on your ticket".

These are 2 completely different statusses.

Pending is translated by google translate to "In afwachting van". The translation we made for our customers is "In afwachting van uw antwoord". Translated freely this means "awaiting your reply".

So is it possible to change the translation of Pending in Dutch towards “In afwachting”?



1 reply


Hoi Koen,


bij mij staat het allemaal in nederlands sinds de laatste update..


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