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  • 15 August 2014
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How are the popular topics determined? Is this by clicks? Date? Comments?

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8 replies


Are you referring to the Popular topics Listed on the Freshdesk Support Portal?  If so please note that the list of topics are manually added by customizing the portal home tab using the Portal Layout Customization Feature.

Hi Arjun,

I mean how are the popular topics populated?  What deems the comments popular to be added to the feed?

I see no response to this topic from a year ago?  Her question and mine is:

On my Support Portal the section called POPULAR ARTICLES... what determines the articles popularity?  The same list of articles have appeared on my portal since I created the portal. This doesn't seem to have any logic built around it.  It SHOULD be based on the number of searches, clicks, likes etc...

I was told the answer that they are manually added???

Added by whom?


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Sorry for not responding to the topic, it would have slipped from our radar. Regarding the popular articles, it is just a placeholder used in the portal and the list of articles under them are completely curated. With portal customization, individual articles are picked and the respective articles IDs are added under the list. 

However, we will consider your request about automatically populating the articles based on the conditions such as views and votes (like you mentioned). We will keep you posted once we take up the feature and progress on it. 

So how do I add them via customization? I need the instructions for doing this. 

Just read and follow the instructions for you to understand all.

I would like to know how this has developed since the last reply. Are there more portal or article placeholders available now to accommodate Most Popular Articles, Most Recent Articles or Top Rated Articles? I would love to simply be able to add something like articles.most_popular or articles.most_recent to a page and just have that automatically populate to the page a list of top 5 or top 10 articles driven by simply the amount of hits, or votes, they have received.

For the sake of listing, I found this on a GitHub page, its related but not exactly whats being asked for. Its at least a primer for expansion:


<!-- sample Liquid template to display recent 5 articles across the entire helpdesk -->

<section class="sidebar content rounded-6">
<div class="cs-g-c">
<section class="article-list">
<h3 class="list-lead">Latest articles in {{ portal.name }}</h3>
{% for article in portal.recent_articles limit: 5 %}
<a href="article.url">{{ article.title }}</a>
<br />
{% endfor %}