Public URL does not work (404)

  • 5 October 2018
  • 4 replies

I have enabled public url access as dictated by the docs. Then I have inserted the public url into my email. 

When I receive the email I click on the link provided but I'm routed to a 404 page saying the page doesn't exist.

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4 replies

Could you check the URL? It is very easy to accidentally include a full stop (US English: period) at the end of the URL 

This is my email:


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As you can see the url var is properly used. I inserted it using the "insert placeholder". 

The URL is displayed correctly. But when clicked it somehow inserts %20% into the url.

Where is the %20% inserted. This is normally the representation of a space. Could you check the email to see if there is a space after the placeholder, and if so, remove it?

This is a bug in the freshdesk system. The url is displayed properly but the href has a space. I'm waiting support to debug it.