Public URL Styling

  • 8 December 2021
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How do we change the PUBLIC url page? It is not the proper styling set in the admin. Last topic on this was about 2 years ago.

4 replies

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Hey @sarahm!

Interesting question, but since there a lot “public” pages that folks may refer to, do you mind sending a screenshot of the page or area you wanted to customise?


We’ll take a look and see!



This is the public ticket url. We do not have an open portal (no user login) so we are attempting to use the public URL to at least give them some kind of place to view status. However, it looks awful and has a login function/link we cannot use. Any advice is helpful!


I was told some months ago, that for some screwed up reason, we were not able to customise this ? 

Please tell me this has been fixed, (or I was told the wrong thing) ?