Reducing Email back-and-forth

  • 30 January 2020
  • 3 replies

 Sometimes when an Email conversation with a customer goes back and forth too many times, the customer gets frustrated, and a phone call might wrap things up easily.  Is there a way to either limit the number of Emails on a ticket, or at least notify the manager that an excessively long Email conversation is taking place?

Obviously, a limit would require an override ability for those occasions when many back-and-forth Emails are warranted.

3 replies

Hello folks.

Mark, thanks for the wonderful suggestion. It is indeed a good setup for the use case that Rod had and I am hoping that this worked for him. Do write to if you should be needing any further help on this, Rod.


Thanks, Mark.  I've got a few automations to do other things, but didn't realize these options were available.  I've already set it up for testing.  Thanks again; it's just what I needed.

I would have thought the easiest would be to set up an Automation rule (type ticket updates).

The trigger is flexible of course, example (with 10 interactions):


The action would then be to send an email to the manager. They can then decide if human action is necessary.

Using "greater than" does mean an email after each reply once the threshold is crossed, but other values are also possible.