Remove "Are you an agent? Login here"

  • 4 March 2019
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Can I remove the link "Are you an agent? Login here" from the Freshdesk home-page where our customers land?

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3 replies

Hi Marck,

try following solution:

  1. Go to 'Admin'.
  2. Go to 'Portals' (located in section 'Support Channels').
  3. Your portal should be listed there. Go to 'Customize portal'.
  4. Go to 'Layout and pages'
  5. Go to 'Portal pages'
  6. Select 'Login page' in section 'General pages'
Add following code within the editor and klick on 'Save and Publish'. You can also preview the result, bevor saving changes.
display: none;



The result should be:


Best regards


Thanks, works like a charm!

Perfect! I'm glad I could help.