Reporting on a custom Customer Field

  • 12 May 2022
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We have added a custom field for Contacts, where we include the requester’s Department inside the company. We would like to report on this, to get an idea of which Departments are making the most requests, and what type of requests they are making.

I have played around with filtering existing reports, as well as creating my own widgets, but I have not found a way to report on this custom field. In fact, the options for reporting on customer data are quite limited in general.

Has anyone had any success with reporting on customer data, specifically on custom fields for contacts?


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Hello @jmoar,


Good day:)

I understand you are trying to generate a report based on the custom Customer field you have set up in your Account. Unfortunately, our Analytics feature doesn't have an inbuilt filter to retrieve the requested data. But with the GoodData integration, you can extend the Freshdesk capabilities like,

  • Create and use Advanced statistical metrics 
  • Forecast and enhance business reports - Identify and predict key levers of support quality 
  • Benchmark performances, compare data, and set goals
  • Send alerts to admins whenever there is a spike or drop in numbers
  • Share reports with powerful visualization using combo charts, bullet charts, etc

That being said, Please find the below sample screenshot from the Good data end, where you will be able to generate a report based on a custom Customer field.


Hope this information helps. Also I’m adding the article link here which might help you.

Feel free to email us at for further inquiries we'd be happy to assist you.

Happy Freshdesking!!