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  • 22 June 2012
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Two issues that I have noticed.

1) when a ticket is in "pending" status shouldn't it freeze the time counted against the SLA? For example if we have a 3 day SLA but we have to order a part we would probably never get those within the SLA time frame. It doesn't seem to be doing that.

2) on the reports it computes the SLA compliance but is including tickets that are still open. Example... 10 ticket received, 7 were resolved all within SLA... the 3 tickets are open but still not out of the SLA range... but it's showing 70% compliance. It should only include resolved or closed tickets to figure SLA compliance.

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4 replies

Hi David

Considering this use case, we are introducing Custom Status, where you can enable/disable Timer/SLA (At time of creating the status)  and any of the status assigned to the Ticket, will take up this Timer status and ensure that the SLA is not hit for such tickets.

Hoping to bring this out in the next few weeks time.

# 2 is still an issue. The reports are showing SLA compliance that is using the number of active, open tickets in the formula. It makes our SLA compliance look pretty bad even though those open tickets are still in compliance.
The 6 reports provided in the "Garden" plan are fine but I do not think they are "Advanced Reporting".........

Please could you confirm when more options will be available in the reporting suite? - this is a high priority as any good helpdesk is only as good as its reporting.

For example the Helpdesk Activity Report (or another new report) needs to be able to include other fields so you can report on perhaps the affected area of a ticket from a customised field.

We have a customised field called "Affected area" which includes Hardware / Software / Server / Desktop / Laptop / Access Rights etc.............. to categorise the type of helpdesk requests and we would like to be able to get "some" reporting out of Freshdesk but you cannot choose this field in any report.

Exporting some data out in CSV into Excel is fine but some level of reporting (especially on the Garden plan) should be available for the extra cost............. 

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Sorry that we have left this topic in the dark. We've revamped our entire reporting architecture and have released a couple of new reports in the meantime. If you're looking for information on the newer reports, you can find them here :