Reports Date not working?

  • 4 November 2011
  • 4 replies

We have 3 agents and the three answered many emails today, but when I filter the Agent Report with today's date, it shows no results whatsoever.

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4 replies

Hi Mario

What were the filters you chose to see this data ? Let me verify this once and get back to you




Vijay, first of all: we need links in email alerts for forum messages please! :)


About your questions: don't know what you mean by filters. I click on Reports and then on Agent Ticket Summary. Then I set the date for today (same date in the upper and lower fields). Check screenshot.


Mario :) Understood on both your requests.

Will come up with Alerts and look into this as well.




I agree, reports dont seem to show data for the current day UNLESS you go back into the report and reselect the current date as the end date - then it works.