Responding in ticket to a cc-ed email who is not the requester

  • 23 May 2022
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Often there are several cc-ed emails on tickets submitted through FD via email (email is the primary method our users create tickets with FD).  When any one of these cc-ed emails responds to the ticket via email, my Reply in FD lists just the Requester who originally submitted the tickets in the TO line. 

This means I’ll be addressing a question asked by a person in the CC line, but the email address in the To line is not the person I’m addressing.  This has been a source of confusion for our clients / users and looks like I made a mistake in how I am emailing the client.


I really need FD ticket replies to work more like how most email services (like gmail) work:  if you click Reply, the email will default the To line to the email of the person who submitted the most recent email response.


Is there any setting in FD to accomplish this?  Or does this require FD to change some of their logic?


I appreciate any help here!



3 replies

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I am interested in the reply for this.

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Freshdesk team – any thoughts or ideas on how this can be improved?

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Yes! Being able to change the “to” in an email response would be great!