Response to closed tickets should create new ones

  • 28 July 2022
  • 3 replies


I don’t want to reopen closed tickets.

If costumer replies to a cloded ticket the platform should create a new one.


How can I configure Freshdesk to have this behaviour?

3 replies

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Hi @pedrobleao , with respect to your query, you can make use of Automations and trigger a webhook to create a new ticket when a customer replies to a closed ticket. You can go to Admin -> Workflow-> Automations -> Tickets -> Ticket updates -> Create a new rule. 


This solution article will help you on the same, along with a sample API payload that has to be passed in the rule:


You can also make use of this API documentation of Freshdesk for creating new tickets:


Thank you for the replay.
This seems to be exactly what I need.
But the process is not working :(

I’m not founding any logs or erros messages. It there a place where I can check this?

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Hi @pedrobleao, Kindly write to us at, along with the screenshot of the Automation rule which you have setup and the tickets in which the rule was not working as expected, one of our agents would get in touch with you at the earliest.