Return the Product in the api respones

  • 23 August 2013
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When you get a json response it should include the product that the ticket was assigned to. This would be useful due to filter tickets and limiting the number of api calls you would have to make to get data analytics out of the system. I currently have an app that uses around 750 calls and this means that the application can only be used one time per hour due to hiving to use filters to get tickets for each product. 

This was the issue i run into and solution

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3 replies

Currently the API for Tickets does not return the Product that the ticket is assigned to. This information is really essential for matching up tickets against products / SLAs / time entries etc.

The workaround is to create a separate filter for each Product in the system, and make a separate API call each time.

Suggest that the API for Tickets returns a new attribute being the Product that the ticket is assigned to.

Hi Nate

We provide the PRODUCT ID in the API call in the Form - email_config_id

To verify this, once you've added a Product in Admin > Multiple Products. Go to Admin > EMail setup. Here you will find the Primary Email Address for that Product list. Hover your mouse over the EDIT option and you may notice the ID to be an Integer value, which can be used in your API

Hope this helps



When ever I call my my tickets via json:


I do not see any product in the response. This would be great though if we could have this so when our tools to analyse the data are running we can see the differences for between our multiple products.

By the way, this is also missing from the specific ticket page response:


I hope you can add this to both pages (but especially to the main tickets.json since we use that to see the ticket data in bulk)