sipgate CTI/Softphone integration Urgent need help

  • 2 February 2019
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we are at the moment implementing freshdesk and struggeling with the integration of our existing phone provider sipgate

What we want to achieve isto have a solution with the functions

  • If customer is calling, Customer Name/Company should be displayed in a popup
  • Nice to have - in this popup also the las ticket from this customer (Number and Topic) and the agent who is assigned to this ticket and the status of the ticket
  • After answering the call a popup should be opened, showing contact details, so that agents can create a ticket 
  • nice to have, option to automaticly create a ticket or assign call to an existing ticket
  • when call ends, logging duration and agent who answered the phone, so that we can make reports and dashboard views.
This could be done inside frehsdesk with the Global CTI, but we are also open for a softphone solution like This we have tested for hubspot but they don't have a integration for freshdesk. Sipgate have which is a Push API where the call informations are forwarded

I have searched for days but didn't find anything that maches. Replacing the phone provider is no option, so it have to be a solution which can be done with sipgate oder where we can login with our sip ccredentials.

Looking forward to your suggestions and we are also open to pay for a developed customized solution.

Thanks, Bernd

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1 reply


Is this problem solved? 

We have the same issue. 

In another project the integration of sipgate with zoho is perfect.