Specialist tickets with inward issues not doled out to any organization

  • 13 February 2022
  • 1 reply


Whenever one of our representatives makes an inward ticket (so his own name as requester) our inner clients can't see these tickets.

Our organization name is CONTOSO.

Interior clients (so not specialists) can't see these tickets like our clients can for their own organization. (Colleague isn't an answer)

We can allocate the pass to a faker inner email so it gets doled out to our inside organization name (best work-a-round up until this point) but the mentioning specialist doesn't gets answers any longer when one more specialists answers to the issue. There are workaround for this likewise, yet what might seem OK is, that if some from makes a ticket, specialist or interior client the same, the ticket gets alloted to the comparing organization CONTOSO.

This would likewise fix issues in void organization names in insightful reports.

How could this should function/for example how might I get the specialist made tickets (where a specialist asks support) doled out to an organization

1 reply


i am still looking for my answer of my question. Thanks

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