Sprout is limiting me with only 3 Agents.

  • 3 March 2020
  • 2 replies

 How can I upgrade my Sprout account to allow more then 3 Agents?  I am grandfathered into the old account. 

I've opened a ticket last week (#5727519); just no response yet.


Below attachments:

1- picture shows I am on Sprout

2- picture shows I can't make more than 3 Agents


2 replies

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A few years ago we used Sprout with three agents, plus paying for a few extra. Then we upgraded to a higher level. 

During that process we found out that the plans had changed.

Your Sprout plan is limited to 3 agents, but contains almost all functionality which is now in Blossom.

The functionality in Sprout has been reduced (for new customers), while at the same time increasing the number of agents.

So, I reckon your options are: paying for more agents, or switching to the new Sprout, and loosing quite a bit of functionality.

In the end, nothing is really free :-)

Hello Sam,

Apologies for getting back on this. I could see that that the ticket has been attended and you are now in the latest sprout plan.

I hope Freshdesk is serving your purpose well. Feel free to write to support@freshdesk.com for any queries and we'll be happy to help you around.

Have a good day and cheers!