1. You will first need to create an account at

2. Once you have created your account, go to the management console at

3. Click on your name in the top right corner and select Edit profile.

4. Select Apps, then click on Create script token.

5. Enter any name and description, select either Create, view own and edit own sessions or 
Create, view all and edit own sessions then click Save.

6. Copy the token you will be shown for use later.

7. Download the ZIP file and extract contents.

8. Click the New FreshPlug button in Admin > Integrations > FreshPlugs tab.

9. Give a name and a description.

10. Copy the code from TeamViewer.txt and Paste it to the script area.

11. Find the line that looks like token: "Enter your token here" and replace the text with the token 
saved from step 6.

12. By default this freshplug will place sessions created in the "Freshdesk" group. You may want to change this or you may get an error regarding the group ID when creating a ticket. If so find or make a group in the TeamViewer management console and look at the URL. It should be something like this: Copy the numbers to the groupId field below where you added your token. Add a "g" in front of it so the end result looks like groupId: "g00000000"

13. Make sure Show the widget in ticket view page is the only option selected.

14. Click Create and Enable to start using your new FreshPlug.

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I can see that those without an account wont be able to use the management console (have to have a paid version for that,  but a single user basic version isnt super expensive,  so shouldnt deter too much)

But looks good i reckon,  well done,  a pity we cant give points for effort cos this is top stuff

Thanks Kevin. I actually just have a free account and I am able to use the management console, just not all the features are activated.

i didnt realise that was the case,  i have a ripoff account,  which seems to cost more and more every year for a "lifetime" license

I cant complain too much it is still the best solution for remote desktop support

I just pushed an update that lets the FreshPlug open new TeamViewer sessions using the Freshdesk proxy, instead of routing requests through my own server. You may need to refresh the page for this to take effect.

I was going to ask if we could change where the js was routing.  I know NZ is the centre of the world,  but for users out of ANZ it might have been a touch slow

The teamviewer.js file is still pulled from my server, this is so I can push updates easily. If you find it's going slow you could open that file in your browser, and put the text inside a <script> block in your FreshPlug settings (remove the CustomWidget.include_js() line of course). You would need to do this every time I released an update though.

Once I've added caching (it isn't turned on at the moment) the file should only be requested once a week or so and it won't slow the page down at all.

No its ok here,  (i am in Adelaide) but was thinking of others

Thanks for this! I am having an issue though, the plugin installs fine and appears to be working. When you click on the new remote session link, in teamviewer management console it creates the session but in freshdesk it doesn't show or copy any of the session information. Any ideas?


It seems that Freshdesk or a third party plugin they use introduced a regression with a recent update as their LogMeIn integration has the same problem. I have pushed an update to the TeamViewer freshplug which should work around the issue.

For any Freshdesk staff reading this, the issue was caused by restoreSelection() called from insertIntoConversation() accessing non-existent redactor properties.


do i need to update the plugin? or is it auto update


I just updated the JS file on my server, so a simple refresh should work.