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  • 28 October 2011
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Hi Viajy,


I brought up that issue a week or so ago, I need to further discuss  this matter as this is becoming a big problem to us.

I can sort the tickets by "last modified" in ticket listing view and see in where the last action is which is fine .But when i have conversation with a client: reply- answer  5 times in an hour , I do not now if the action is on my side or it comes from the client and i have to open the ticket every 10 minutes or so to check if there is a reply . Again there is workaround : on the dashboard we have recent activity and you see clearly if it is a reply from you or you have been replied to. The dashboard is ok if you are not loaded with many tickets and it is becoming useless when there are many tickets or agents as the list become very, very long.


Good example of what we looking for is gmail and most of the mail clients: if you get an email in the inbox , gets highlighted, if you send replies t the email doesn't change, In this way you control the communication and there is no way to miss a reply.


I know that you mentioned that this functionality is soon to be implemented , but can you suggest working solutions till then .




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2 replies

Hi Nikolay


Thanks for your patience. We have addressed this problem and we will be rolling out the feature this weekend. (We hope to do the update)

We will try to roll it out soon

Hope you like it :)





Nice surprise . You work fast guys. Great support indeed.