Ticket's To Do list: Auto-expand list or show number of open items

If a ticket has a To Do list item, an agent won't know it unless they push the arrow to expand the list. This is pretty primitive.

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Hi Smith,
Currently, the To-do is available below the ticket properties and it would not be possible to change the location of the "To-Do" as of now.

Would it be possible for you to handle this as a part of the agent training at your end. 



Your reply does not address the points I made. Please re-read.


I do understand your point here and currently, we do not have an option to change the location of the "To-Do".

However, we are working on an enhancement to change the location of the "To-Do" and will keep you posted once there is an update on the same ! Thank you for your patience. 



What about also auto-expanding the To Do list when it has at least one un-done item on it?

@Mr. Smith

You can try this Freshplug:
<div id="todo_section"></div>
<script type="text/javascript">
jQuery("#ToDoList").insertAfter("#requester_info"); // Move the 'To Do' div after the 'Requester Info' div
jQuery(document).on("sidebar_loaded", function(event, data) {
jQuery('#ToDoList').trigger('click'); // Click on the 'To Do' div

Thank you, Thanos! I did not find clear instructions on how to install that. Could you perhaps point me to instructions?

Okay, I found and am now following these instructions: https://developers.freshdesk.com/docs/quick-start/#install_the_sdk

This code is for the freshplugs mechanism ( what was available until recently and is still available for older customers ). I don't know how the new SDK apps work and I don't plan on switching to them, but from what I read in the documentation, I suppose you could paste this code in the html file for the ticket page, leave everything else blank/default and it should work. Alternatively, you can ask Freshdesk to switch you to the freshplugs environment but I don't know if they will do it.

With fresh plugs you go to https://YOURACCOUNT.freshdesk.com/integrations/applications#custom_apps select 'New Custom App', paste the code, provide a name for the freshplug, check Custom app displayed on

Ticket detail page and the 'Create and Enable'. Then you visit a ticket page ( and probably refresh the page ) and you should see it in action.

@Freshdesk I don't get why Freshdesk opted to replace freshplugs with SDK apps. They could just let both be available. SDK apps are a huge overkill when all you need is injecting a couple of lines of Javascript, makes it hard to help others in the forums by sharing some code and has a steeper learning curve. Both methods have their strengths and both should be availabl.

I've requested activation of FreshPlugs in my account. What a massive hassle it is to roll out a simple customization such as this using the Custom Apps system.

Freshdesk won't enable FreshPlugs in our account. Thanks anyway (very much), Thanos.

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The reason why we wanted to put the curtain down on the freshplugs is that we wanted to create a stable environment where the apps can be reviewed before they are publicly available. We've had some compatibility issues with some of the features that we'd launched over the years wherein the freshplugs would break the functionality ,thus resulting in bad UX and also sometimes the ticket page itself becomes inaccessible. 

With the SDK apps, all the pre-testing would be done to ensure that the app doesn't interfere with the product functionalities .In addition to this , there are lot of other key takeaways with this approach which is why we were pretty excited to launch our marketplace .