ticket_sidebar app: Controling size of the iframe


I am developing an app for the ticket_sidebar.  Are we able to control the vertical height of the app's panel?  Also, are we able to control the order in which the apps display in the sidebar?  

By default my app is the last in the list and opens to a fairly small area.  This forces the user to do a lot of scrolling.



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Jason, you can resize the app using the instance API - https://developers.freshdesk.com/v2/docs/instance-api/


We don't currently support ordering of the apps, they appear in the order that they are enabled. One (clumsy) way you can change the order is to disable the apps that currently appear above your custom app and then re-enable them. That will move your custom app higher.


I did notice the client.instance.resize(). But the app still is confined inside an iframe with fixed max-height of 300px. Is there anyway to change the size of the iframe for the app?