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  • 12 October 2022
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As shown in the screenshot below, I am using the Log Time window in Freshdesk to log the time I spend working on a support case. I make several log entries per day to many different cases. How do I see a summary of the total time I logged for a given day? To stay in compliance with my employment contract, I need to make sure that I am logging a certain number of hours per day (for example, 8 hours). I have heard that you may have a report that administrators can see but I am not an administrator. I am just a lowly support analyst. I should be able to see how many hours I logged in a day. How do I do that in Freshdesk? This is basic functionality that many other support case systems have. I am a new Freshdesk user, but I am not impressed so far.



3 replies


Hi FD Guy

I am also looking for the answer too and have not find an easy way. Has someone encountered this before?




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Hi @FDGuy 

Ideally, the billable hours and agent productivity is tracked by the admins and supervisors by pulling the reports and that is why there is no direct view of the total hours spent for an agent in the UI. 

However, I understand where you’re coming from and I would request you to explore a third party app that would display the total time spent by an agent in Freshdesk. Alternately, you can also ask the admins to add you to the scheduled reports which they receive via email.

Feel free to drop a note here incase of further assistance :)


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@barun.poddar Are you aware of a third party app that can do this? And it should be free too.

I can’t believe this is not standard functionality in Freshdesk. It is standard in ever other help desk software I have used. It’s a common use-case for support analysts to want to know how many hours they logged in a day. Why should only the admins have this access? This is Big Brother stuff.

As a workaround (an inconvenient workaround), I found that I can use the “List All Time Entries” web service to get all times entries for a given day. But it doesn’t give me the total number of hours for a day. I guess I’ll have to write my own program to do that. But that should be the job of Freshdesk Developers, not me. What the heck are we paying for??? So far, I’m not a Freshdesk fan.