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  • 21 April 2015
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I might be blind, but I can't find a view of tickets I've replied to. Kinda hard following up threads if you don't have a list of topics you've replied to. 

Is there any way to show such a listing?

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8 replies

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In the agent side, you can see the entire list of activities around the topics that you follow when you navigate to Forums -> Your Topics Activity

In the portal side, you can view the list of topics you are following by accessing the below url:


If you were referring to tickets that you are watching, then you can navigate to Tickets tab and select 'Tickets I'm Watching'.

Kindly let us know whether the above information is helpful. Thanks!

I'm talking about this forum, I can't find this here. Maybe I'm blind;)

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If you are referring to Freshdesk Support Forum, then you simply need to access the below link to see the topics you are currently following:

Let us know whether it helps.

Yes, thank you; this is what I mean, but I don't understand how to navigate to this url:

If I enter the url directly, it works, but how can I use the menus to navigate to this?

Maybe I'm blind;)

In the Forums home page in Support portal, you can find My Topics section in the sidebar, and if there are more than 5 topics being followed, there will be a link to see all those topics.

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Exactly and the sidebar widget will not be available in our portal since we have customized our portal. However, we will check the feasibility of adding the widget in our portal. Thanks for sharing your feedback. 

Any news on this?

We've added this as link ("My Topics") in the Portal's Discussions home page - just near the "Start a new Topic" button.

Hope this helps.