Unable to setup dkim

We want to setup DKIM but it tells us the assistance email is not setup for personalised domain.  We already have a general assistance email with our enterprise domain.  If i click on Create link, i am transfert to page https://cqsb.freshdesk.com/a/notfound 

What can i do to solve the problem and be able to configure DKIM for our domain?



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Hello Yannick,

Could you please check if you're still getting the error in your account? If yes, Can you please switch back to the classic version of Freshdesk and see if that helps?



I am still getting the error.  I swtiched to classic version then tried again to setup dkim.  When i clicked on "Create" link i has been transfer to login page so i had to login again.  Once done, i came back to DKIM setup and nothing was setup.  If i click on "Create" again, i am still transfer to login page.  It like if my use do not have the permission to access the content linked on "Create" link.


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Hello Yannick,

Looks like we're facing some issues with enabling DKIM on select accounts. One of our support heroes will get in touch with your shortly to troubleshoot this further.


We are having same issue.

Although there is a delete button of domain authentication, support staff will reply so that it can not be permanently set up when deleting.

We are considering changing Freshdesk to services of other companies. 

Support staff Quality is too bad. 

The new Freshdesk Mint? Is not in a state that can be used in business.

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@Infoster@muumuurainbow: Sorry that we've not lived upto your expectations but trust me, this is not the norm generally! We take pride in serving customers and every interaction certainly counts for us!

The issue with DKIM has been discovered recently and our devs are helping with hot fixes for the accounts as we don't want you to wait until the global fix that gets rolled out to all the accounts. I had a look at your support ticket and the agent was trying to suggest TXT records that can be added to your domain to verify the DKIM setup - the only difference here is that these records no longer show up on the interface (due to the bug) and that they have to be fetched from our database.

While I'm writing this, I've already reached out to the team to help you setup the DKIM for your domain. Hope we can get this fixed at the earliest and regain your trust!


Any updates on this? I'm a new client and can't set this up.

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@Nina Are you not able to see the DNS entries needed to enable DKIM? Please help us with some additional information on the error.


@Aravind: We seem to be having a similar problem with tiitech.freshdesk.com. We've double checked the CNAMEs issued for our domain but only one of them verifying correctly. Tried multiple times but we keep receiving an email that it failed to verified.

When I click create in DKIM, its crashes that portion of the screen

Hi Team,

Can you share me the document to do the configuration setup for G Suite.

I am having the same issue!

 Wow, this is really one year old bug and still not resolved. Nice one Freshdesk Team!


There are no global issues or acknowledged bugs at present with setting up DKIM.

Please write to support@freshdesk.com and our support stars should be able to fix the DKIM set up issues on your instance, if any, in minutes.