Verification code forwarding gmail account

  • 10 April 2018
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I`m trying to forward my gmail account but Google ask my for a verification code that it has been sent to email freshdesk account.

I believe this code has to arrive me as a ticket but it don't do. I have check spam and every tickets but there isn't nothing.

Attached a capture with an image of gmail configuration page; where i have to put the verification code.


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7 replies

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Hello Jorge,

Looks like there is a delay in ticket creation at the moment. We'll update the status @ our updates site once we debug the cause.


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Hi Jorge,

The issue with email-ticket conversion has been rectified and emails are flowing in as expected. You should be able to find the forwarding confirmation code as a ticket in your helpdesk. Let me know if you need any further help!


This problem is happening to me too. Configured the forwarding email in Gmail, but no ticket is generated. I sent a separate email to and it arrived as a ticket fine, but the email sent by Gmail to isn't creating a ticket. Help!

I'm having the same issue.  No confirmation code is coming to my freshdesk account.  I've tried this process a few times over the last 24 hours and have not received a confirmation code.  Please advise.


I have the same issue.

@Lauri - I actually called the Freshdesk support number and they were super helpful. It turns out I was receiving the confirmation code, but I had to check the SPAM folder in my Freshdesk Click the little "hamburger" symbol in your Tickets window and select SPAM from the available options. You should see an email with your code there.


I was getting errors in the Outlook. It was basically the Outlook profile loading error. Can anyone please tell me how to fix it?