View more than 30 unresolved tickets at once

  • 13 August 2019
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How do I view more than 30 unresolved tickets at once?
I have tried adding &per_page=100 and ?per_page=100 at the end of the address line as per the API documentation however it will not work.

I see a LOT of other people asking for more than 30 tickets per view as well.
Why not just this in as a feature? It's not that hard...
We need this!

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2 replies

I was able to get more than 30 unresolved tickets by using the following query, incrementing the page number as needed.  The query is all IDs for statuses I consider "open", so everything that isn't Closed or Resolved."status:2 OR status:3 OR status:10 OR status:11 OR status:12 OR status:14 OR status:15 OR status:16 OR status:17 OR status:18 OR status:19 OR status:20 OR status:21 OR status:22"&page=1

 This endpoint doesn't paginate like the other ones (no 'link' header), and you can only go up to page=10, but this is at max 100 unresolved tickets.  You could play with the search query to get more tickets to be returned.

Hello Jono,

Thank you for the suggestion. Right now, we don't have a way to do this, but we do have plans for the same. 

Unfortunately, I won't be able to provide an ETA for this feature, but it is something we're planning to work on.