Webhook called twice, 5min apart

  • 17 August 2021
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I have a webhook set up for when new tickets are created. I have had it set up for a while with no issues but today I had a ticket come in and the webhook was triggered twice, exactly 5 minutes apart. Anyone know why this could’ve happened?


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3 replies

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Hi @derekantrican, we hope you are doing well today! Ideally, the webhook retry mechanism would come in place only if the webhook fails. Since you’d mentioned that the webhook has been triggered twice successfully, we’d have to check the logs from our end to see what had happened here. We’d need a few more details so let me raise a ticket on your behalf to have this checked further.  

Sure, what details do you need from me?

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Thanks for sharing the details over mail, @derekantrican.When the webhook was initially triggered the call failed with a 504 timeout error. Hence, after 5 minutes, the webhook was triggered again (retry mechanism) and this time, the call was successful. I hope that clarifies. 

If you have further queries, you can always post them here and we’d be glad to help :)