what is driving response due / overdue labels


We are trying to work out what is causing these labels to appear. We have changed due date to 10 days and we still get a label appearing saying response due.

Also what clears the labels? We have changed status but that doesn't seem to do it. even replying to customer doesn't in some cases. We don't really want to have to send a separate reply to a customer to clear this flag. If we change the status to pending, the customer has then gotten a response to say the status has changed. So it should clear the flag.

It's really starting to confuse and frustrate our agents. Could you please let us know in detail what is driving these labels to appear, what criteria etc is checked. And also exactly how the system decides the label should be removed.

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Hi Guys,

Any chance we could get a response to this please?



Even though I'd spoken to the user, the note I added was private.  The note has to be public for the status to change.  You may want to change the email notifications so that an email isn't generated for every public note.

Hi Chris

You may control this from Admin > Email Notification > Requester notification > Agent adds a comment

You may disable this if you want