Where can i add some explanation text on a form which is not related to a field

  • 16 February 2023
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In this ticket form scenario the customer uploads a completed form. ( this form is easier done by attachment rather than replicating all the ticket fields). However I want to be able to add some explanation text that is not related to a particuilar ticket field (ie not like the customer tips feature). For example I owuld like to add a line of text that appears above the attachment option that says “please attach your completed xxxxxx form. The form can be found here (link to solutions article)”…

any suggestions?



3 replies

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Hi @JCMLI1973,


If you’re on the Pro or Enterprise plan, you can go to Admin->Portals->Customize->Edit theme->Pages->Stylesheet->CSS and add the following code to display the text above the “Attachment” option.

content: "Please attach your completed xxxxxx form";
color: red;





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Thank you Sona! I presume that would then apply to all ticket forms in our system or could this be done for specific forms only?

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Hi @JCMLI1973,


The code is specific to the portal where it is applied. Therefore, if you have mapped multiple ticket forms to the same portal where you’ve added this code, then the text would be displayed for all the forms associated with the portal.