Widget - to be always open in centre of the page

  • 4 August 2022
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If there a way to use a widget so the widget is always open and embedded in the middle of the webpage

I would like it to be always open as it is on this website

I can only place it bottom left/bottom right with a help button

If I try and use an iframe, it no longer appears bottom left or right, but the content does not load.


1 reply

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Hi @Wiggy42 

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I believe widget API will helpful in your case. You can trigger the open widget API after 10s (Defined Time) using JS with something like

setTimeout(myFunc, 3000);

where myFunc will be defined as the open widget API

You can use this to auto-open the widget when the customer access your site. And defining the specific time period inside a timeout function. Which will delay it.

I hope this helps 

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Vidya D