Google Hangouts - Agent initiated video calls

The new Google Hangouts app for Freshdesk lets your agents and customers initiate a Hangouts session to easily trouble shoot issues right from their ticket. Your customers can share screens and your agents can provide remote assistance to your customers over the hangouts session and solve complicated issues in a matter of minutes. 

With the new App Gallery, installing this app is simpler than ever. Here's how you can install the Google Hangouts app in Freshdesk for your agents:

  1. Login to your helpdesk. Make sure you have admin rights.

  2. Go to Admin → Apps → Get More Apps

  3. Select Google Hangouts and click on Install


The agent and the customer should have logged into your Freshdesk with a Gmail account

If you do not have hangouts installed, you'll be prompted to when you initiate the hangout

The customer should be logged into Gmail when the call is initiated


4 replies

Thanks, I started using this plug, but I would have an idea for an improvement. On top of the START video chat, could you add a second button to start a HANGOUT CHAT? Of course I know you can only hangout chat if they are using gmail/gapps, but its same as your current video chat requirement.

I suppose if you would add such a button it would simply open in the native chrome hangouts extension, which is what I would want it to do.

Thanks for helping me save a few precious clicks, since I know ALL my supported clients use Google Apps so I can hangout with all of them by default, making this second button extremely useful for me.

Any news on this? I would really really use the START A HANGOUT CHAT button 20x more often than the video chat button that just calls bang with no warning.


Can I just get an answer like "no this is technically IMPOSSIBLE", or yes its possible but we dont do it?


Hey Guys,

I would really like this as well to be able to chat with my clients who are all active on hangouts chat which makes things easier.