Facebook Public Comments + SLA issue

  • 21 January 2021
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Hello, have two different issues to report here, for older facebook public comments, they will be categorised as one single ticket even when I have already chose “Create a new ticket for every comment on the post”. This did not happen to one of my Facebook page as seen in the picture below, but other Facebook page seems to be working for now.

Another issue is, since the ticket was first created on 7th Dec 2020, once my agent replied to it, the SLA response is calculated from 7th Dec, not the last comment which I am replying to (Sam). When replying to Sam’s comment, my agent’s response time becomes way too long! How can I resolve both of this issue?


Another issue is, when I reply to Sam, i am expecting to see my reply below Sam, however, it turns out to be replied on the general thread, how can i resolve this too? thanks



6 replies

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Let me help you out here, addressing the queries at hand.

  1. It is only the comments on the post that can be threaded to the same ticket or can be set to be logged as a new ticket, however, the comments on an ad post are all threaded on to/on a single ticket and there is no option with us yet to thread comments on such ads too as new tickets.
  2. That said since this is now a single ticket, this ticket pulls in the description of the ad post as the ticket description and all previous comments to it are also a part of this ticket. In turn, the creation date of this ticket automatically becomes the date on which the ad post was made.
  3. To reply to the generic thread, you could choose the ‘Reply’ option at the bottom of the ticket, however, if you intend to reply to a specific comment made by a user, you might want to click on Reply inside this comment box on the corresponding ticket in Freshdesk, as depicted here - 

Feel free to write to us at for further questions on this. Our support stars would be happy to assist you further.


Hi thanks for the reply, as I have checked:

  1. Our issue did not happen on a sponsored ad, this is a normal facebook post by our page​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
  2. I have already selected comments to be separated as a Single new ticket but to no avail

As for the reply to specific comment, let me try out on this at a later date to see if it works. But as of now, the above issue remains unresolved, thank you.

has anyone picked up on this yet? it is happening consistently to the point that it is affecting the entire report

it has been two weeks since I have been facing this issue, as my SLA keeps piling up, would someone pick up on this and assist? We’re currently on the estate plan



No one replied to my email which was why I have posted here for assistance

It has been more than a month, is someone or anyone looking into issues?

at least according to the chat agent (Akshay):

I definitely understand your predicament here but we would have to check this from our end and we will definitely get back to you on the same , real fast and real soon. I can understand that this is already late but please bear some time with us and we will definitely have this checked.